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Watching Mieten, kaufen, wohnen.

best friend: She told actual people she was planing to move her children from Hamburg to Hannover and no one called social services?

Uhm, hi! Still alive. In need of a new default userpic, it seems.
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Today I made a strange Glee observation while bored!reading tumblr.
Apparently there is a huge bunch of teen girls, who ship Kurt/Karowsky, the latter being someone who bullied the former for being gay and threatened his life (if I understand this correctly, as someone who quit that shitty show after 3 or so episodes), but then turn around and take offense at anyone shipping two people called Sam and Blaine, because apparently one of them called the other one a slut once.
I seriously enjoy these delicious double standards in shipping wars (I got into so many Spuffy rape!rape arguments without watching a single second of Buffy back in the day), that I may just take up shipping Blaine/Sam and trolling tumblr on my off days. My informed tumblr-opinion is that if nothing else Sam and Blaine are a lot prettier than Kurt and Karowsky.

I have also drunk half a bottle of wine and formed more inspired opinions on Hart of Dixie (another show I do not watch).

Thank God, football is finally back tomorrow!!!
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04 December 2012 @ 07:01 pm

I'll miss you, captain! Like hell. No one deserves to go home more than you though. Please be happy forevermore. ♥
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22 November 2012 @ 05:49 pm
Today I won a round of Bayern Munich Trivial Pursuit against a Bayern Munich fan (obviously, who else would own such a game?), what is my life?
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16 November 2012 @ 06:12 pm


Add the current coach and the current captain and tell what would be more Werder than that?
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14 November 2012 @ 01:11 pm
This seems like another good time to re-affirm how I trust no one but Aaron.

We had more than our fair share of exceptions in Bremen, but the rule still is: everyone leaves you!

P.S.: Aaron should hug Papa Schaaf today. Since they are both total cliche North Germans, who display emotion behind closed doors only, I will just assume he did either way.
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I have a new favorite football-related documentary. The Game of Their Lives.

How have I never seen this before yesterday? My life, it was wasted. I laughed and cried so hard. That precious mesalliance so full of love between the overwhelmed, but proud Korean boys and the weary, reluctant to hope Middlesborough football fans, that is what it is all about. That's- in a nuthshell- what football is.

Recommended. I am not even gonna spoil it for you in case you are someone for whom the 1966 World Cup can be spoiled, in which case, WTF.

Also: GO CELTIC!!! I don't even know why you are so special to me. I hate Catholicism and I hate green and white wearing teams that are not Werder, but somehow I hate the Glasow fucking Rangers a lot more. Whee.
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04 November 2012 @ 08:03 pm
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Dear football god,

I just cannot believe you fucked that up. Seldom are the good guys and the bad guys this clear cut and obvious, seldom do you get a chance to do something great on a miserably grey Wednesday night. But you probably went to bed after Bayern was done, didn't you?

Dresden and Hannoi are both not really teams known for their likeable, politically correct and/or various fans, but for arguments sake lets say they both have about 50 of those. Then there were 50 people in this world, who wanted Hannoi to win that shootout and roughly 7 billion minus 50, who were passionately rooting for Florian Fromlowitz to get his own back and leave with both middlefingers proudly on display. It really wasn`t that hard.

Do better work next time and fuck you very much,

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Lance Armstrong is just so insanely gross.